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Megachurch trends, and what it means for traditional faith-based communities

Megachurch, LA 3, by gruntzooki, Creative Commons 2.0 An infographic featured on Good Magazine is very telling and potential reason for concern among communities of faith.  As indicated in the Pew Forum Report on the Religious Landscape (2007), movement in … Continue reading

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Organized to Cultivate Cooperation

Today and tomorrow in Seattle is Strengthening Local Independent Coops Everywhere, SLICE 2011, a conference sponsored by Central Coop and several other partners representing Cooperatives throughout the Puget Sound and beyond.  In today’s climate of Occupy Wall Street, the Cooperative … Continue reading

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Planting seeds to cultivate new thoughts…or bring existing ideas to the front lines

My post last week introduced The Green Bible.  This release of a green text version brought some controversy, but through discussion, it also pulled environmentalism and faith into mainstream dialogue.  Carefully crafted media and activism often make stories out of … Continue reading

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