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Our communities need more music…always!

M-Bibe is a Seattle-based social enterprise connecting the community to local businesses, non-profit organizations, and musicians.  They are on Indiegogo right now to raise the resources necessary to expand their mission and vision.  The music is truly great, and if … Continue reading


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What is home to you?

Housing and health care may be the right and left Achilles Heels of the US economy.  But there is a C word that could serve as the antidote to both of them: community.  It takes an engaged community to pool … Continue reading

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Development at the Crossroads

Type in the words “Peace Corps Guilt” into a search engine, and you’ll find a post written by a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay.  Below that, you’ll see search results from people riffing on what she had to say, along … Continue reading

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How are the people over there? My “Blog Action Day” Power of We post

In honor of this year’s Blog Action Day topic, the Power of We, I will share a story about a group of farmers in the village of Bani Goungu, a couple of kilometers south of my village, Tonkossare.  Back in … Continue reading

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Putting it to practice: Learning Lights launches as a Fledgling

Hello readers, My travels around West Africa, community and affordable housing development work in the Pacific Northwest, and my studies in sustainable business have brought me to a new chapter.  Yesterday I started as a “Fledgling” in the conscious company … Continue reading

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