Bearing witness

Hello friends, family, and followers of this blog. I am rekindling it in light of recent events. I think it goes without say that the United States of America is in crisis. Specifically, its democracy is in crisis, and these concerns are non-partisan because ultimately we all live with the consequences of our actions as well as the consequences of the actions of those around us. More importantly, we all live with the consequences of the actions of those in power. Through this blog, I am bearing witness to these events as my civic duty.

The Kavanaugh investigation to unfold in the coming week must be thorough, professional, and non-partisan. Do I think it will be? Based on the past few weeks, sadly no. But one can hope, and one can and must take action.

Regardless of what happens this week, I want you all to know that this blog (and of course me) is a safe space. We will need safe spaces regardless of the outcome here, for massive damage to our democracy has already occurred.

Whether you think Professor Ford’s allegations against Judge Kavanaugh are the truth or not, there is a much greater, long-term issue here: the future safety of women and a strong pronouncement that their voices matter. As of right now, the United States does not appear to be a nation that respects women…at all. At a minimum, this investigation must demonstrate that these allegations are taken seriously and deserve the attention necessary for any life-time appointment. If there is any doubt in the integrity of the investigation, we all lose, our democracy dies, and the United States will join the ranks of nations whose disrespect of human rights it once opposed.




































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