Using new technologies for the public good

In general, I am a late adopter of technology.  This partly results from having lived in a mud hut during the smartphone explosion and returning after three and a half years abroad to a faster-paced America.  However, being in a graduate program that relies so heavily on virtual communication, I’ve adopted some technologies…with a questioning eye.

Technology can be a source for positive social and environmental innovation, but we must remember that the sleek, energy-efficient designs we employ in products are not the only cost to society and the environment.  Even the clouds have a carbon footprint, sometimes bigger than we think.

When employing technology to solve problems, we must ask ourselves: why should this technology exist?  Who will benefit?  Who will lose?  Is the tradeoff worth it, and why should we care?

In my final quarter of school, my entrepreneurship team is working on a business model to facilitate finding the safest bike routes and ultimately leverage better infrastructure for human-powered transport.  We are beginning our exploration by asking our customers what they care about when riding.  Why are safer roads for bikes and pedestrians essential for strong, healthy communities?

Please fill out our survey here.


About MikeG

I am an affordable housing developer and consultant. I build bridges to create compassionate, diverse communities. When we resolve conflicts, we strengthen our understanding of best practices toward collective well-being. I combine the value of inclusion with strategic planning, research skills that develop links from the seemingly unlinkable, and a passion for our interconnected lives to draft plans that succeed (photo by
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