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Impressions of Justice

So, this is the United States of America in 2018. This is the US government in 2018. Even if one believes Professor Ford and others fabricated their statements or had cases of mistaken identity, and even if one believes Judge … Continue reading

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Bearing witness

Hello friends, family, and followers of this blog. I am rekindling it in light of recent events. I think it goes without say that the United States of America is in crisis. Specifically, its democracy is in crisis, and these … Continue reading

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Nothing comes from nothing

It has been far too long since I’ve written in this space.  Granted, a lot happened in the past ten months, but the events of the last few weeks demonstrate that history is at a crossroads. We are more globally … Continue reading

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The Human Toll of an Anemic Recovery

Late last week, a friend shared with me an article from the Seattle Weekly, “A Letter to the Investor Buying Our Apartment Building.” Sadly, this emotionally charged piece is a common story, although it is a story rarely told. Our … Continue reading

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What happens when the moderates leave?

Hello readers, You have not heard from me in a while because I’ve been finishing up my penultimate quarter at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, getting my MBA in Sustainable Business.  Only three months and two days to go. In this column … Continue reading

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Have a Dream, Be a Citizen

As Martin Luther King Jr day 2012 comes to a close, I’m reminded to think of this “holiday” as a day on, not a day off.  Dr. King’s message to all of us resonates in how we come together over … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom and the Essence of Leadership

This time of year always causes me to reflect on my experiences on the African continent, in South Africa, Niger, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin.  In the northern latitudes, we witness the dramatic shortening of days — quite extreme here … Continue reading

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Megachurch trends, and what it means for traditional faith-based communities

Megachurch, LA 3, by gruntzooki, Creative Commons 2.0 An infographic featured on Good Magazine is very telling and potential reason for concern among communities of faith.  As indicated in the Pew Forum Report on the Religious Landscape (2007), movement in … Continue reading


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Organized to Cultivate Cooperation

Today and tomorrow in Seattle is Strengthening Local Independent Coops Everywhere, SLICE 2011, a conference sponsored by Central Coop and several other partners representing Cooperatives throughout the Puget Sound and beyond.  In today’s climate of Occupy Wall Street, the Cooperative … Continue reading

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Planting seeds to cultivate new thoughts…or bring existing ideas to the front lines

My post last week introduced The Green Bible.  This release of a green text version brought some controversy, but through discussion, it also pulled environmentalism and faith into mainstream dialogue.  Carefully crafted media and activism often make stories out of … Continue reading

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