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Using new technologies for the public good

In general, I am a late adopter of technology.  This partly results from having lived in a mud hut during the smartphone explosion and returning after three and a half years abroad to a faster-paced America.  However, being in a … Continue reading

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What happens when the moderates leave?

Hello readers, You have not heard from me in a while because I’ve been finishing up my penultimate quarter at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, getting my MBA in Sustainable Business.  Only three months and two days to go. In this column … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day is for Love, Love is essential for Community

The blog Cacao for a Cause posted today about purchasing a chocolate that expresses the authenticity of your love.  High quality, sustainable chocolate offers a story about community.  Each bar of chocolate produced and distributed with the livelihood of its … Continue reading

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Have a Dream, Be a Citizen

As Martin Luther King Jr day 2012 comes to a close, I’m reminded to think of this “holiday” as a day on, not a day off.  Dr. King’s message to all of us resonates in how we come together over … Continue reading

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Raising the level of conversation in 2012

As we begin 2012, a presidential election year, I am reminded of eight years ago when I worked as a field organizer in three rural counties in Maine.  Organizing the local committees to think nationally while acting locally required strong … Continue reading

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Year’s End: Seeing Through a Different Lens

The final week of December is a time of paradox.  As a student, it is my break time, a time to read books not related to school (I’m resisting the temptation to crack open texts for the new quarter).  This … Continue reading

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No bad news this holiday season?

In my graduate program on sustainable business, we talk about voices of judgment that need to be channeled effectively so they do not serve to curb our creativity and delight in innovation.  Perfection is one voice of judgement held by … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom and the Essence of Leadership

This time of year always causes me to reflect on my experiences on the African continent, in South Africa, Niger, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin.  In the northern latitudes, we witness the dramatic shortening of days — quite extreme here … Continue reading

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The Happo-Dammo Ratio, Buying Local: Bridge Building this Holiday Season

This past week, the BGI blog republished the HappoDammo Ratio, a term coined by Gifford Pinchot III.  Referring to the happiness created by an activity, divided by the damage done by that activity, HappoDammo looms large during the holiday season.  … Continue reading

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As the Thanksgiving season approaches, I recall holidays of my youth, pies baking in the oven, short drives across the county to Grandma’s house for a multi-generational feast, and returning at night to see the first lights of the winter … Continue reading

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